Customer Relationship Management

Build CRM for your Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is a tool that allows you to have better management of your business contacts. It offers the opportunity to have a panel of marketing solutions to capture and build customer loyalty in your product. At the moment, the best thing and guarantee of a company's reputation is to ensure a unique relationship with its customers. At Nasnix, we set up CRM based on your work by describing indicators that will be important to consider. You will be able to process and analyze data related to your customers and explain good business planning.

Online store

An online marketing business platform. It requires the construction of a complex structure, several mandatory categories ("Delivery", "Payment", "Contacts", etc.). We have a lot of pages with descriptions of products that need to be promoted.


A large Internet resource with a large amount of information. Optimal for publishing news articles, sports reports, announcements. Attracts a lot of visitors and provides passive income by placing ads on the most visited pages.

Corporate website

Web-based platform for document management, personnel management and information exchange between branches and remote units. Requires exclusive design and 24/7 support.